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Rail transit

Smart city, intelligent transportation-PIS

    City Transportation Standardized Guidance Information Service Platform based on digital signage technology-PIS (Passenger Information System), which integrated with synthetical guidance database management platform, the line operating network, intelligent broadcast and display mode, incorporate guidance service standard, offered a new technology solution for urban intelligent transportation.

Control center

    Control center realizes the integrated management of guidance information, content editing, equipment and network of passenger service. Realization:

(1) Application service and data 1+1 backup, automatic switch;

(2) Management of many operating release patterns like live broadcast, recorded broadcast and inter-cut broadcast;

(3) Network management real-time sends back and monitors image played in the front end;  

(4) Template editing software realizes page integration making up broadcast like broadcasting, interactive touch and LED screen;

(5) System management software adopts B/S framework, easy to manage and maintenance;

(6)H. 264 coding technique is adopted for live coverage, optimizing live broadcast bandwidth occupation;

(7) Data-push of large file recorded for broadcast adopts rapid push technology, reducing network holding time and release time of passenger information.


    The station is the main release place of guidance information of passenger service. At the station, to realize:

(1) The deployment of broadcast control, display and interactive device offered perfect full path guidance application;

(2) Regional management of station information inter-cut broadcast, equipment and PIS network;

(3) Deploy industrial grade playback control among station equipment, supporting many display format output like HDMI/VGA/HD-SDI, etc., and supporting all time long trouble-free operation;

(4) Between playback control and display screen in passenger activity area at the station, adopt the method of optical fiber "passive cascade" to transmit video, audio and control signal;

(5) Optional wireless transmission mode, sending video and audio image to display screen through wireless networking mode, has such advantages as good image quality and low retardation.

(6) Playback devices at the station have 1+1 hot standby and N+1 hot standby mechanism.


    PIS passengers guidance service display screen is installed on the train, to realize:

(1) Receiving and broadcast live broadcast, recorded broadcast and information;

(2) On-board playback control, with perfect EMC and vehicle shock test; Adopts industrial-grade, fanless design and the front panel maintenance;

(3) On the train, PIS server can monitor integration host, to transmit monitoring picture of train compartment to station control room and control center or the public security monitoring platform through train-ground wireless system.

(4) Looped network is formed in the train by integrating with industrial Ethernet switch and PIS equipment at the head and end of the train adopts redundant backup.

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we offer service :

(1)system design(2)product supply (3)implement installate(4)after-sales maintenance and protection



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