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Information dissemination and integration

Content design

    Appalling and imaginative multimedia contents created can quickly and creatively show the information to be highlighted for your target customers.

The design process of contents is based on the set of methods gained by us from practical experience of various kinds of users. Our project team would communicate with users on every level, fully learn about application demand objectives and existing problems of organizations, making creative advice for contents.

Field research and needs assessment
    Research and needs assessment is an all-important design process. Fully informing our project team of your conception is the most effective method to approach the content design objective at the soonest. Our team will offer you some circumvention points being neglected for you. For instance, whether escape signs are designed on the mobile screen.

UI design and content scheme
    UI experts would provide you with advices and communications in multimedia elements format, and you can tell us your related requirements. Create content scheme advice for every project:

1. Detail requirements of UI and contents assessmen.t

    Within budget, define UI and contents and interactive mode based on the specified hardware devices.

2. Scheme review and issues

    Once the customer receives the preliminary design scheme, any feedback from users will be valuable for us. In case of need, our preliminary design scheme will be updated and improved.
    Some sources of contents may cross different technical expertise, however, we aim at integrating different technical background contents to projects of users seamlessly. Thus, what users need to pay attention to is that whether the final integrated scheme effect is consistent with the contents as their requests.


    In digital signage integration projects, installation is a vital critical technological link. Confirm effective communication and installation planning with customers or the project manager, which would reduce largely the waiting time of users. We would prepare for you a project manager with rich experience.

Standardized project management.     
    Our leaders of project installation team would create an installation plan P-T list, reasonable labor arrangement and time management, and what more important is to solve the emergency state during installation link and make every endeavor to deal with problems.Once up to installation conditions, the project manager will coordinate the delivery field, and arrange the technicians for installation. Field technicians arrival and inspection - complete the following tasks with the designated contact persons:
(1) Inspection of factory devices

(2) Devices configuration and software installation
(3) Failure diagnosis and test

(4) Preparation of final service status environment, installation and test
(5) User side assistance: When installing and network access, keep basic conditions of the communication points in normal state. Remote assistance from limit delay engineers and technical support engineering.


    When installing hardware devices by field engineers, our software developers and programmers are busy for compiling the program as per the content design scheme. A page layout, a window, a class of special effects and a kind of typeface are required to configure in software.
Digital signage network control platform.

    We have deployed control platform and management software of digital signage for different types of users, providing friendly human-computer interface for users. Users can simply purchase play points permit of our software, and then the following can be achieved at the play points:
(1) Message template management
(2) Multimedia file management
(3) Program playlist

(4) Player terminal device management

(5) Digital signage network monitoring

(6) Role definition of operators 

Customized development

User-defined GUI development

    When users advise us on their unique needs and usage specifications, our experienced software personnel would make conception for the customer immediately, and promote a solution. We would build a experience and testing environment for users after entering into development stage, making remote operations by users or letting engineers of the project team demonstrate on site. These user-defined UI developed would be submitted in project log and user's manual manners.

Most advanced AV and digital signage integration technology in the industry

    Only a few integrators can design the integrated solutions which meet users application needs in the industry. For instance, urban subway.

    We aim in assisting smart cities to build an intelligent signage network. Based on demands of user organizations, we would assess network and AV physical basis, design and develop customized digital signage scheme, and promote the scheme productization, testing and user training.


    Meeting the use and purpose is the first step to design the excellent digital signage environment. Such as: who are the audiences of digital signage? Who would enjoy the service? What efficiency it is expected to achieve? Common applications are as follows:
Enterprise show and communication:

    Show enterprise's image and internal communications. Visual contents and voice message received faster than emails in first time are applied in internal communications, which is one way to increase the communication efficiency without a doubt. Under trans-regional organizational structure, substitute the bulletin boards via multimedia signage picture, and convey enterprise notices, enterprise culture, internal photos, activities and training information.

Live video conference:

    Unattended staff can watch via live cable TV, satellite TV and internal live video conference. Thereby, conveying visual live information can be achieved.

Control system of digital signage network platform:

Through simple and easy operation interfaces, it can provide operators with the operations of content classification, preview and approval, playlist preparation, program network distribution and play time schedule.

    Due to different demands of every organization, each digital signage environment should apply to specific demand of a company to ensure that the company could provide itself and its customers with service via utilizing digital signage. Some function options (including but not limited to) are:
(1) Enterprise image film, text overview issuance
(2) Convey internal press release and inform of meeting room appointment information
(3) Employees and visitors interactive experience signage
(4) Office area map guidance
(5) Play monitoring of system administrator
(6) Live broadcast of satellite, cable TV and monitor screen

(7) Advertising release.

What service can you offer?

Our team carries out the design and realizes a comprehensive collaborative environment based on the unique demands and needs of the organization.
Tell us your business goals and we will create a perfect and customized solution to meet the demands of your specific organization and video environment.

By adopting advanced digital coding and decoding and transmission technology, multimedia information is released in the display equipment at different places in colorful modes through the Internet, thus realizing the real-time release of dynamic information, business advertising, promotion information, policies and regulations, news and other information, and then reaching good publicity effect.

What service can you offer?
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