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Conference management system

Introduction to the product

    ZZVC Meeting Management System provides a complete meeting booking support platform specifying to reference to highly efficient, automatic, visual requirements of meeting pbooking management under enterprise production environment, which promotes enterprise management to higher levels.

Primary objective of the system

    (1) Book meetings and meeting rooms online and be presented with charts and figures to achieve convenient management of meetings and meeting rooms. Relevant meeting booking information is displayed on the touch screen in the front of the meeting room door synchronously; At the same time, meeting members are provided with e-mail notification function.

    (2) Achieve maintenance and resources deployment of meeting room resources, meeting corresponding resources, personnel information, etc.

    (3) Achieve arrangement of meeting scheduling and provide inquisition and manage meeting statistics on base of day, week, month, department, etc.

Product system topology figure

     Users could complete booking independently on the PC web terminal, touch screen PAD terminal, mobile client-side APP. Results of booking could be notified to meeting members through e-mails. The touch screen on the door and major display screen on the floor could display and inquire meeting booking status.

Introduction to Web terminal main functions

    The system supports AD domain account verification and local account verification. AD login is generally adopted, where the system sends verification to AD domain server, and correct AD account and password are used to access the system; it supports AD single sign-on, where users in designated domain simply use AD account and password to log in the computer to access to the system homepage.

Book meetings
    Regular Booking: Select the date, start time, meeting duration of booking, then select the meeting room.  
Premium Booking: Book periodic meetings (daily period, weekly period, monthly period regular meetings), among which, weekly period is allowed to select multiple periodic values.

Booking management

    It is allowed to inquire booked meetings according to date, time, meeting room, booking applicant and other combinations, or export the inquisition results to excel tables.

My booking

     Display all meetings booked by current user or booked for others, inquire according to time range and carry out operations such as check, alteration, cancellation, batch cancellation, etc.

My meeting

    Display meetings that need to participate or have been participated by current user, and search and inquire according to time.

Calendar view
    The calendar view includes monthly view, weekly view and daily view. Taking monthly view as example, it will display the whole month by either forward and backward paging, or lock "today" where one case represents one day; selecting the meeting room or meeting room location, it will display the meeting room and all meeting rooms of the location within the month, and all booking meetings status; click a meeting to view the meeting details.

Meeting Room management

    Add new meeting room: Fill in name, code number, capacity, location, type (regular meeting room or video conference room) of the meeting room, and specify if sign-in is needed.
    (1) Privilege meeting room Add special booking applicants and booking applicant groups, only enrolled users and users included in the applicant groups are allowed to book the privilege meeting room.
    (2) Meeting Rooms required sign-in After booking meeting, the status will be updated to "please sign in" 15 minutes before meeting; and further updated to "already signed" after sign-in; and thereafter meeting beginning, the meeting status will be updated to "ongoing", and in case of absence within 5 minutes (customizable) after beginning, the meeting will be canceled automatically.

List of meeting rooms: Achieve inquisition, check, edition, deletion and other functions to all added meeting rooms of the system.

User management:

    Add a New user: Fill in name, e-mail, telephone number, office address and other information of the user

    User list: Check information of all users, all information of one user, and carry out operations such as alteration and deletion.

    User group management: Group the users, and add a series of users into a user group  
    Role management: Manage the authorization of the roles.
    Log management: Record user operations such as booking, alteration and deletion in the system log after the user logging in the system.

Statistic management

    The system will manage the booked meetings of users through group integration and statement representation according to different circumstances, and the representation includes table representation and icon representation, which make statistics as per meeting room, department, personnel, month, meeting duration, etc. For instance, statistics as per month, the number of meetings booked every month could be aggregated according to date range, booking applicant’s company, department, and according to the certain applicant, and certain meeting room, precisely.

System management

     Basic settings: Set parameters of company name, interval of the two types of meeting and system status.

AD settings: Set AD server to synchronize contacts.
    Email settings: Select exchange mail server or SMTP mail server, set whether or not to send emails, set the address of mail server, email address of sender, and account and password of the email.
     Meeting room equipment: "Add" and "Delete" meeting room equipment.



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