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Shanghai Xianli Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Shanghai in 2002. It is the office of NOHKEN in mainland China and is responsible for the business development and marketing activities of NOHKEN brand products in the entire mainland China market. The company is committed to the sales of instrumentation and related technologies, and has many years of experience in liquid level, material level, flow, temperature and pressure. Based on the principle of rigorous, honest and quality, the company provides customers with the most reasonable product solutions and professional technical services, and has a good reputation in the industry. At present, the company's main products are NOHKEN's ...



Contact: Frank

Phone: 13127833111

Tel: 021-31126682

Email: hason@xlgc.com.cn

Add: Room 302, No. 10, building 27, Lane 339, Zhuying Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

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